Showtime Guides: Simport

Simmers have often said that they’d love their sims to be able to visit friends’ town, and EA have finally tried to answer that demand! Simport, the new social feature that was added in the Showtime expansion pack, allows them to do just that. It is a great way to help a friend when they just started a new game get some extra simoleons!

The short of it is, you can send your performer Sim on tour to your friends’ games or you can host your friends’ sims. Both of you are rewarded with Simoleons and Lifetime Happiness points, and the person who sends their Sim on tour also gains job experience, making it a fast and easy way to advance in your Sim’s performance career. You can also pick if you want to swap sims with a specific friend, or make an open offer to everyone on your friends list.

How Simport works:

You have to be logged into your Sims 3 account, the same one where you log into on and have your Showtime EP registered to your account, for help with this post on our forums:

When you have done all that go to options > Simport.

Options menu > simport

You get this main window, the list below the picture explains what each button does:

Simport book

1: Click this button to tell your friends what kind of Sim you want to host and where.
2: Here you can send your Sim to your friend’s game and you can decide what kind of venue they will perform.
3: This shows the current pending Host Tour Request you have
4: You can have a maximum amount of 4 Tour Stops (sent Sims) at a time.
5: With these buttons you can see the different stampbooks for each profession, the stampbooks show all the different settings your Sim could go on tour for.
6: If you click on these different buttons, you will see the stampbook of all the different venues in your town, it shows the options you have for all the hosted Sims
7: All the pending requests from your friend are shown here.


As well as simoleons and Lifetime Happiness points, sending Sims on tour, or hosting friends’s sims also fills in stamps in your tour book.  There’s different sections that fill up, depending on whether you’re sending or hosting sims.  Completing ech page unlocks exclusive stage props and outfits, with an extra set if you collect all 90 stamps!  That’s 15 for each career which you collect from sending your sims on tour, and 9 for each venue for hosting sims of different level..

Simport Stamps

The stage props -both those available when you start the game and those you unlock – can increase your overall performance score. A great performance can turn to excellent or legendary with the right stage props!


We will update this article with bigger pictures of the different rewards as we collect them.