Showtime Guides: Acrobat Career

Athletic Sims with a desire to perform can show off their dexterity as an Acrobat.

Do not try this at home.

Career Facts

Recommended Traits

  • Athletic
  • Ambitious
  • Natural Born Performer


Not recommended Traits

  • Absent Minded
  • Clumsy
  • Coward
  • Loser



You do not need to build up any skills for the acrobat career, there is only the hidden acrobat/entertainment skill. This skill you build up naturally by performing for tips or on stage (or practicing the different songs yourself). If you cheat your way to the top, will not  be a good performer without practice.  As an acrobat you can advance to the top of the by just increasing your atheletic skill, however this does not increase the hidden entertainment skill!

However, it is recommended for all the performer careers to up your charisma skill, that way you can talk to the audience during a performance and get a nice performance boost.

Note: There is a nice quirk in Showtime, while performing for tips you get a LOT of friendship from all the Sims watching you. Great way to gain friends for the friendship requirement for the Charisma skill.


Work Location

Gigs: Park, Coffeehouse, Live show venue, Private venue and Big show venu

Play for tips: Can be done everywhere, but would recommend a busy location like a park.


How to get the job

Via newspaper or computer, use the ‘find a profession’ option. You can also find a proprieter on one of the community lots, you can get the career through them too.


Work Week


In the beginning you will spend a lot of time playing for tips and working on your athletic skill

At a higher level you can have a gig every night.

Do not forget about Simport, you Sim can get spend 12h of their Simday on tour too!



  • Perform for Tips
  • Improve Athletic Skill
  • Get Gigs



Acrobats get a weekly stipend, see this table, in the beginning the stipend helps but the most money they get from gigs and tips.

Acrobat Career Fact table

Level Title Weekly Stipend XP Needed to Advance Outfit/Object Unlocked Performance Action Unlocked Interaction Unlocked
1 Aspiring Mime §275 400 Outfit 1 Mime: Human Statue, Pulling a Rope, Trapped in a Box, Walking in the Wind Social: Mime Conversation with Self
2 Novice Juggler §340 500 Outfit 2 Fire Baton; Juggle: Clubs, Knives, Torches
3 Performance Artist §400 600
4 Contortionist §525 800 Outfit 3 Contortion
5 Ace of Agility §650 1,000
6 Novice Balancer §850 1,200 Balance Ball Balance Ball: Ball-derdash
7 Master of Balance §1,125 1,500 Outfit 4 Balance Ball: Ball-erina
8 Firefly §1,475 1,800 Giant Ring of Fire Balance Ball: The Big Bounce; Giant Ring of Fire: Blazing Ballet
9 Fire Dancer §1,850 2,100 Outfit 5 Giant Ring of Fire: Fiery Faceplant
10 Master Acrobat §2,475 2,500 Giant Ring of Fire: Flaming Fliptease


Specific Acrobat – Badges and Achievements

Badge Achievement Description
  Acrobat Around Have an Acrobat Sim perform at least once at each venue type
  Acromaniac! Have a Sim fulfill the Master Acrobat Lifetime Wish
  As Hard as it Looks Have your Acrobat Sim perform all 3 Giant Ring of Fire tricks in a row, without failing
  Is That Real? Have your Acrobat Sim perform the Human Statue trick 30 times
  Legendary Performer Have a Sim put on a Legendary Show as an Acrobat
  The Show Must Go On Perform a Legendary Acrobat Show in a Big Show Venue as a Ghost
  Winner in the Park! Have your Singer, Magician, or Acrobat Sim win a SimFest in a Park
  Works Hard for the Money Earn §20,000 in tips as an Acrobat

Performing for Tips and Athletic Skill

At the start of every performance career you first play for tips, Acrobat career is no different.  Find a busy location (Big Park for example) and start performing for tips! Do not be surprised if your Sim fails a bit at this in the beginning, but their skill increases!

Something that makes Acrobat career easier to advance in than for example Magician career is the fact that increasing your athletic skill also works towards your career, so make sure to lvl it up in the beginning so that you advance to level 2 in your career real fast!


Gigs are your main source of income, you can earn up to 27k per gig! Perfoming on stage with an acrobat is quite easy compared to the other careers, it is no problem to list all the actions in a row to create a varied full 2 hour show.

How to get a Gig

You have to be at least level 2 before you can audition for gigs.

Then you can audition for a gig, you can find the proprieter on the world map, he or she has an orange icon. You start with only be allowed to perform at the park, as your level increases you can open up more locations, see the following table.

Performance Locations

Career Level Location
level 2 Big Park
Level 3 Coffeehouse
Level 5 Live Show Venues
Level 7 Private Venues
Level 8 Big Show Venues

Tip: When you are a high level in your career, go to the world map and you will see many propieter icons, click them all and line up all the different auditions in a row to quickly get a lot of gigs.

Note: For Big Show Venues you cannot always line up the audition by clicking on the orange person icon from the world map. You will have to go to the lot itself and summon the propierter out of their building and then ask to to audition.


Stage Setup

When you are low on funds just use the venue setup, as you get more money it is worth investing into your own stage setup to increase your performance score. The higher the score the bigger the chance of a steady gig, steady gigs pay much better than One-off gigs.



At the start of the performance its best to pause the game, as an acrobat you can list all the actions you want to do that show immediately and fill the full two hours.

You have option to talk to the audience, only do this if your charisma is high otherwise you are just telling a boring story.


Gig Earnings

While you would think that steady gigs always earn you more than one-off gigs, read the following tables carefully. When you are a higher level you get less money at a steady gig at the ‘lower level’ locations (park/coffeehouse) than you do when you have a one-off gig, but you can earn astronomely more at the big venue location with a steady gig. So be careful what gigs you choose!

One-off Gig

Level Weekly Stipend (§) Park Coffee-House Live Show Private Big Show
1 275
2 340 170
3 400 200 400
4 532 266 532
5 640 350 700 1,225
6 840 450 900 1,575
7 1,160 700 14,000 2,450 3,850
8 1,480 1,110 2,220 3,885 6,105 9,990
9 2,000 1,300 2,600 4,550 7,150 11,700
10 3,600 2,000 4,000 7,000 11,000 18,000


Steady Gig

Level Weekly Stipend Park Coffee-House Live Show Private Big Show
1 275
2 340 255
3 400 300 600
4 532 399 798
5 640 525 1,050 1,838
6 840 675 1,350 2,363
7 1,160 1,050 2,100 3,675 5,775
8 1,480 1,665 3,330 5,828 9,158 14,985
9 2,000 1,950 3,900 6,825 10,725 17,550
10 3,600 3,000 6,000 10,500 16,500 27,000

Cheat Sheet to a Good Performance

This cheat sheet is made with a lvl 10 acrobat, but can be translated to earlier levels.

1: With the Acrobat set up your stage (use props!)
2: Pause game
3: Fully line up a lot of actions, but do not pick the same one twice in a row. I start with Do contortion > Mime > Juggle > flame torches > ball > flame round thing > talk to audience > mime > juggle > ball > flame round thing, etc etc
4: Let the performance play out, keep an eye that there always new actions lined up.

My Sim always gets an excellent or legendary performance.