Welcome to Festivals Week!

Written by moza

As the release for The Sims 4: City Living gets closer, EA are celebrating in San Myshuno with Festival Week!

First up, we have an trailer, looking at all five types of festivals on offer:

Then, each day, we’re been getting blog posts, giving us a little more information on each of them.

Humour and Hijinks

This festival is for the jokers and pranksters amongst you, pick your team, and see if comedy or pranks win out.


The Flea Market

This allows you to buy, sell and trade crafts and collectables, and haggle over prices. Collectables include the MySims dolls you’ve been hoarding since launch, and new SnowGlobes. And crafts? Well, if you can create it or harvest it, bring it down and try and raise a few simoleans.


Romance Festival

Based in the Fashion District, your sim can bring that special someone, or go on the prowl. Sakura Tea will get your Sim in the mood, and the Romance Guru will give them some insight into what the future holds romantically.



The Fashion District is also home to San Myshuno’s answer to Gamescom and Comicon, so if you’ve ever wanted to unleash your inner geek, now’s your chance!  Gamers and programmers can practise their skills and compete against each other.  It’s also a chance for your sims to dress up and get into cosplay, and apparently,

You might even see a return of some of our favorite costumes, though that’s bearly worth mentioning…

You’ll even have a chance to try out cool gear like the rocket ship that you might not have at home yet.


Spice Festival

The Spice Festival is all about edible delights, including food from different cultures, the flavored pop of the Bubble Blower, and fresh produce. You can find this festival in the Spice Market district of San Myshuno.
And if you want to know when a festival is happening, look it up on the bulletin board in your apartments common area, or signs in the neighbourhood.


And don’t forget! Each festival has it’s own T-shirt, snow globe and poster you can buy! Got to have that swag right!?

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