The Sims 4 – May Patch

Written by Lebanna

A new patch to prepare your game for The Sims 4 has arrived!

With this patch a few new features were introduced. My favourite is the new load screen, were aside from having a list of household names, you now get to see the household thumbnail!

2017-05-25 20_39_37-The Sims™ 4

If you have a few household thumbnails that are blurry like the first one in the image above. You can fix this by changing something in the household, like clothing, and save again.

And 3 new lights were added:
The Round Confection Ceiling Light, Square Confection Ceiling Light and the Campanulate Ceiling Lamp.

2017-05-25 20_47_26-The Sims™ 4

Of course it also fixes a few bugs, which you can all read here: Patch Notes
Trust me, they are worth a read 🙂

Happy Simming! And don’t forget, The Sims 4 Parenthood will release this Tuesday, May 30th!

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