The Sims 3 Cheats

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All the cheats for The Sims 3! Use the following links to quickly go to type of cheats you want:

Money | Gameplay | Buildmode | Storytelling | Other | TestingCheats Enabled

[mk_table style=”style3″]

kaching Adds 1000 simoleons to the household
motherlode Adds 50000 simoleons to the household
freerealestate Sims can buy to buy lots for free
familyfunds <householdname> <amount> Sets the amount of money for a household, can also be used to reduce amount of money the family has.
[/mk_table] [mk_table style=”style3″]
resetsim <firstname lastname> Resets the Sim when they are stuck
unlockOutfits on/off Allows all career/NPC outfits in CAS, needs to be entered before entering CAS
[/mk_table][mk_table style=”style3″]
constrainFloorElevation true/false Enables/disables terrain adjustment, advanced cheat
disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt on/off Using the alt button can place objects anywhere on the lot
moveobjects on/off Allows objects to be placed anywhere, allows picking up of Sims and deletion of objects you ordinarly cannot delete
placefriezes on/off Foundations ca be used on top of tiled floors

RBBB on/off or RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings true/false
(Requires testingcheatsenabled)

Allows buy/buildmode in public spaces (lobbies in apartment buildings)
enableLotLocking true/false
(Requires testingcheatsenabled)
Allows (un)locking of lots in Edit Town
buydebug on/off Unlocks buymode with ‘hidden’ objects, like plants, collectables and gnomes. Find this option under filter by function option
[/mk_table] [mk_table style=”style3″]
Moviemakercheatsenabled true/false
(Requires testingcheatsenabled)
Gives options to pose the Sim
hideHeadlineEffects on/off Enables/Disables thought bubbles and plumbobs
[/mk_table] [mk_table style=”style3″]
help lists most commands/cheats
Shows more information about the cheat
enableLlamas on/off Turns on/off the llamas message
jokeplease Gives a random joke
fullscreen on/off Turns the game to fullscreen or windowed (can also be done in options)
fps on/off Shows the framerate of the game
fadeObjects on/off Enables/disables object fading when the camera gets close (does not apply to Sims)
quit Quits the game
maptags on/off
(Requires testingcheatsenabled)
Removes maptags from view, can be done in ‘none’ option too but might be useful for screenshots
discotags on/off Makes maptags blink and change color
playsounds on/off turns on/off the sounds in game
recordvideo small/medium/large low/moderate/high/max Starts recording video, these settings can also be set in options and recording can be turned on/off with pressing v on your keyboard
speed <0-8> 8 is slowest speed possible, 0 is normal speed
[/mk_table] [mk_table style=”style3″]
testingcheatsenabled true

Use the cheat testingcheatsenabled true/false it unlocks the following options

[mk_table style=”style3″]

Shift click on Mailbox:

Make All Happy Sets mood of everybody on the lot to the max level
Make Friends for Me Makes friends for your Sim
Make Needs Static All Needs will not stay green
Make Needs Dynamic All Needs will go down/up again
Make Me Know Everyone Makes your Sim know everyone in the neighborhood
Force Visitor Random Sim will come to visit
Force NPC… Forces an NPC to come visit
Set Career… Can set path, branch and rank of a career for your Sim
Supernatural Population Control Gives option to add/remove supernaturals to the world
[/mk_table] [mk_table style=”style3″]

Shift click on Workplace:

Force Opportunity Forces a work opportunity
Force Event Forces an event
Force All Events Forces all workplace related events
[/mk_table] [mk_table style=”style3″]

Shift click on Community Lot or Neighbourhood house:

Spawn Job Only happens if your Sim has a profession or is in the Medical Career
[/mk_table] [mk_table style=”style3″]

Shift click on Floor:

Teleport Teleports the Sim to that location
Build/Buy on this lot Allows you to build/buy on the lot 
Seasons… Allows you to change the season and weather
[/mk_table] [mk_table style=”style3″]

Shift click on Sim:

Trigger Age Transistion Ages up the Sim
Add to Active household/family
(Non-Household Sim)
Adds the Sim to your family/household
Favorite Music… Changes the Sims’ favorite Music
Edit Sim in CAS Allows you to edit the Sim in CAS
Modify Traits for Active Sim
(Active Sim only)
Allows you to change traits for the Active Sim and LTW
[/mk_table] [mk_table style=”style3″]

Shift click on any object:

Object… Delete it Allows you to delete every object
[/mk_table] [mk_table style=”style3″]

Ctrl click

Ctrl click on a moodlet Deletes the moodlet
Ctrl click between chest and lifetime happiness points* Adds 500 lifetime happiness points

Need to type in testinghcheatsenabled true before entering the game, in the load/new game screen.

Drag click

Press left mouse button and drag a needs bar to the right or left to raise or lower the need.


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