Suggested Order of City Hall Departments

To build a  Town Hall you have to supply your town with power, the town hall can then (with population growth) be upgraded to gain access to different departments, these departments unlock different buildings in the game. The following table shows the different population amounts needed to upgrade your City Hall.

There are 6 departments that you can add to your City Hall, these departments unlock buildings in your region, not just in your city, here is a table of which departments unlock what.

Name Icon Reason
Department of Education depteducation Regional access given to: Highschool and University
Department of Finance depfinance Regional access given to: Tax rate control per zone and wealthy and $100.000 bonds.
Department of Safety deptservices Regional access given to: Hospital, Large Fire Station and Police Precinct
Department of Tourism depttourism Regional access given to: Landmarks, Pro Stadium and Large Parks
Department of Transportation depttransport Regional access given to: Passenger Train station, Bus Terminal, Municipel Airport and Ferry Dock
Department of Utilities deptutilities Regional access given to: Water Pumping Station, Sewage Treatment Plant and Recycling Center


As mentioned above these departments are region wide, there fore it is better to make several cities with smaller populations than trying to get one huge city to gain access to every department. Also we highly recommend building these departments in this order:


Name Reason
1. Department of Utilities Gives acces to Recycling Center, an expensive building but the recycled Plastic, Alloy and Metal can be traded for a lot of Simoleons.
2. + 3. Department of Finance or Education Which department you build here now depends on how your city is doing.

Education: Are the finances doing well in your city and want to build up an education city, go for the Department Education first.

Finance: Do you depend a lot on bonds? Go for the department of Finance to gain access to the 100.000$ bonds.

4. + 5. Department of Safety or Transportation Safety: do you have a lot of crime, fires, deaths in your city? Consider the department of safety, but these buildings are expensive!

Transportation: this department gives access to train, boats and airplanes. Especially access to train can help a lot with relieving traffic jams.

6. Department of Tourism Before you start with a tourism city, you need some start up funds and your first two cities can help you with that! The third city in your region could be a tourist one, because of this its not a high priority to build this department.

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