Patch Notes for the Lunar New Year

Written by BlackGarden

Happy patch day and happy Lunar New Year, Simmers! This patch actually comes with a few special items to help your Sims celebrate the Lunar New Year, with 2 new recipes, some clothing, and a small collection of objects included in the patch for everyone, for free. Sim Guru Morgan also shared a great household using this content to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Lunar New Year
To instill your Sims with hope for prosperity in the year ahead, we’ve added everything you’ll need to throw an extravagant reunion dinner party. New recipes are available that symbolize wealth and abundance (be sure to leave one serving of fish behind to ensure you’re blessed with abundance for the entire year!). You’ll also find an elegant new dining set, festive decor, and colorful clothing for all ages to round out the celebration.

New Recipes

  • Vegetable Dumplings
    • Requires Level 1 Cooking Skill
  • Mud Carp
    • Requires Level 7 Cooking Skill

New Objects

  • Shadow of the Moon Table
    • A six seat round dining table – perfect for family meals!
  • Moon-Gazing Dining Chair
  • Fiery Moon Gift Centerpiece
  • Wealth of the Moon Envelopes
  • Lucky Citrus Tree of the Moon
  • Paper Lantern of the Wiseacre Moon
  • Symbols of the Watery Moon
  • Sycee of the Prosperous Moon
  • Moon Panda Toy
  • Year of the Pig Statuette

New Clothing & Accessories

  • Adults
    • Women
      • 2 dresses
      • 1 pair of fan earrings
      • 1 jade necklace
    • Men
      • 1 jacket
    • Children
      • Girls
        • 1 dress
      • Boys
        • 1 jacket
      • Unisex
        • 1 yin and yang necklace
      • Toddlers
        • Girls
          • 1 dress
        • Unisex
          • 1 hairstyle
          • 1 shirt

There’s also a load of fixes, as well as a tweak to the camera controls which allow you to clear a fixed camera position, to prevent the 9 key for the fixed camera from conflicting with the 9 key when using bb.moveobjects to raise an object in the air. Read the full details in the patch notes.

Happy Simming!

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