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Maxis Monthly – 9 April 2019

Written by deagh

Today’s Maxis Monthly Livestream had lots of news for both PC and Console Simmers! First they gave us a hint about the roadmap for the next six months. There will be one Expansion Pack, one Game Pack, and one Stuff Pack released over the next six months. They gave no details as to what will be in those packs, but we’re looking forward to seeing them when they’re here!

Next we have some information about the April patch, which is coming next week on April 16th. There is quite a bit of free content coming in this patch, including a new career! It’s not just a career, it’s a new type of career – the Freelancer. Your Sim can be a freelance artist, writer, or programmer. SimGuruGraham hinted that it is possible that there might be additional types of freelancers in future, but only that it is a possibility, not anything definite. The Freelancer career has some similar elements to the Actor career that came with Get Famous. Your Sim signs on with an agency, and then gigs become available based on your Sim’s skill level in painting, writing, or programming, as appropriate.

Your Sim can see all of that day’s available gigs – they regularly change – but they can only take gigs for which they meet the skill requirement. Once they’ve taken a gig then they go to the computer or to the graphic tablet, as appropriate, and create the requested item and send it off. If the client accepts the product, your Sim gets paid. If they reject it then your Sim can edit and resubmit.

This career is different from the existing careers in that it is entirely a work at home career and has no set hours and no set pay. If your sim needs money, they can take lots of gigs. If they perform well, they will advance. They don’t get “promotions” as such, but if they overfill the career progress bar then they will get a raise in their base gig payout, so all future gigs will pay more. If they want to go on vacation they can take off for a week and just not take any gigs at all. I’m very curious to see if Sims can take a laptop and work on gigs while in Granite Falls or Selvadorada, though!

This leads me to the next thing that was mentioned in the pack, new items! There’s a new laptop, a new desk and chair, and a new wall-mounted bookshelf to set your Sims up for their new work at home career. There are also some new clothing items which SimGuruChowder described as “home office chic”. Basically, comfortable clothing that looks at least somewhat professional. They did not say how many new objects and CAS items will be included in the patch, so there are likely more items coming than those shown below.

Finally, some love has been given to the console version of The Sims 4. The console patch will not include the Freelancer career, but it will include full keyboard and mouse support for PS4 and XBOX One – Builders who play on consoles rejoice!

For more information on the upcoming patch and the 9 April 2019 Maxis Monthly, check out the Maxis Monthly video on Twitch and The Sims 4 Blog.

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