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Maxis layoffs and The Sims on Mobile

Written by sww
We are very sad to hear this Maxis has laid off employees at the Salt Lake City office, they were mainly responsible for our Store and some of the EP items.

We wish the very best to some of our favourite SimsGurus and the people who we never got to meet but helped build the awesome The Sims games.

IGN reported the following in their article:

Electronic Arts has laid off numerous employees at its Salt Lake City, Utah office today, affecting both the Maxis and All Play divisions.

According to an IGN source close to EA, “all of Maxis is gone” in Utah, with approximately 40 former employees migrating to Maxis in California. Around 35 other Salt Lake employees have been laid off, including an estimated 20 at EA All Play.

EA Salt Lake was working on The Sims on mobile, which it will continue to do, and assisting on The Sims 4.

EA declined to verify the specific number of affected employees.

We can confirm to you that Maxis has been working on that Mobile game since at least August and since December started hiring a lot more people for it. The job ads often mention free to play experience but this is not confirmation if it will be a free to play game.
This LinkedIn profile has been partially obscured for privacy reasons.

Last December the EA career site that we check regularly, for our Maxis Job listings, updated with new division in their teams:

To me this means that the Salt Lake City division of Maxis will be working on a mobile game. Redwood shores seems to be dedicated to The Sims 4 and Emeryville to SimCity.

It also seems to be a The Sims mobile game, however we cannot imagine that it will be direct competition to The Sims Freeplay, as that is still going strong. EA does not typically comment on any unannounced projects, and when we contacted them they were also unable to comment on this. As such, we have no confirmed details for you on the game itself.

What do you think of a new The Sims game on mobile?
What kind of mobile games do you like to play? Do you like free to play games like The Sims Freeplay where you can finish tasks using in game currency or do you prefer to pay for a game up front and then have no more in-app purchases?

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