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Graphics, Camera or UI not behaving? Find out the fix!

Written by sww

In The Sims 4, the graphics sometimes (rarely) seem to go a bit haywire! The objects don’t look as smooth, the textures have lower quality, the User Interface disappears and the camera misbehaves.

Tonight Ruthless had exactly this strange thing happen in her. Originally her images look very smooth, but suddenly the edges of all the objects looked jagged. The technical terms is that the anti-aliasing stopped working. She did not change anything in her game. Below you will see what happened





There is a fix!

In My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 there are two files called Options.ini and UserSetting.ini. To fix any graphical issues these two files new to be recreated.


  • Cut/Paste these files to a save place, for example to your desktop.
  • Load the game.
  • The files will be recreated by the game
  • You will have to set up any custom settings you have again (The Sims 3 camera for example).

Let me know if this helps you and what it fixed!

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