Discovering Uncharted Islands

Here is a quick guide on how to discover all the islands! Some are easy and some are very hard! We won’t tell you what the island looks like because that would take away all the fun 😉

1. Assemble 4 map pieces (2 are discovered with scuba diving 2 are in bottles that are in shell spawners)
2. Befriend a mermaid
3. Boat to a small island near the stadium
4. Find a bottle from the shell spawners with a riddle (very rare)
5. Have a 5 star resort
6. Reach lvl 10 Scuba Diving and explore a cave (we won’t tell you which)
7. Rescue a lot of Sims as a lifeguard
8. Talk to receptionist of a resort and ask about an adventure

When an island is discovered you immediately own the lot on it as a private lot, you can see which island you disovered with this icon:


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